Successful case studies

You can bank on us blindly, in last 7 years we have successfully enabled 100,000 eAuction covering thousands of product & service categories from scrap to radio spectrum. You can learn more about our experience by reading the following case studies or you can tell us what you want to auction & we can share our past experience in auctioning similar product/service. Know more.

Auction verticals

At AuctionTiger you'll get complete auction house services under one room i.e. auction strategy, valuation, finding bidders, bidder training and conducting successful auction. You can bank on our auction expertise like thousands of our customers do in follow areas, where we have enabled 100,000+ of auctions in last 7 years. Know more.

Auction variants supported

You can't sell everything in one fashion. You'll have to choose appropriate auction design depending on Product, Quantity, Competition, Valuation, Time, and other parameters such that product/service are sold efficiently & revenue is maximized. Know more.

Legal compliance

You'll find AuctionTiger very secure as it complies with all international guidelines in terms of quality, security & legality. This will ensure that all auctions transactions are auditable & legally valid in the court of law. You can explore the following international guidelines. Know more.

Quality & credentials

You'll get assured quality product & service as AuctionTiger is an ISO 9001 & 27001 certified company. Moreover it has won Best Auction Software award for enabling "Radio Spectrum Auction for Government of India. Moreover it has been certified by STQC to meet all the legal & security guidelines issued by various agencies. Know more.

Product features

You'll be impressed with AuctionTiger. It's an on demand auction solution that requires no customization as its power pack with all the features you may need. In last 7 years, it has been used to enable more than 100,000 auctions covering everything under the Sun. More than 12000 unique product & service have been successfully auctioned till date. Know more.

Security features

You can blindly trust AuctionTiger when you want to auction even a billion US$ worth of Auction. You'll find its security features at par with ones incorporated in defense establishment globally. The security features we offer you as default option are impregnable & time test. However we also allow you scaled down version of security which can be used to auction low ticker items. Know more.

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