Cert-in certified auction software

You can bank on CERT-in guidelines to get transparent & secure eAuctions software. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) is a Govt. of India body which has laid down stringent security conditions to ensure scalability, security, business continuity & application 100% uptime. You'll be glad to learn that AuctionTiger has been successfully audited & certified by multiple CERT-IN empanelled auditors. Know more.

CVC eAuction guidelines

If yours is an Indian government owned body than you can only use those eAuction engine software that meet CVC guidelines. AuctionTiger meets CVC guidelines in totality. This has been certified by various independent certifying agencies in past. 100's of Government & PSU sector customers across India actively use AuctionTiger for disposal, hence even you can trust on us blindly. Know more.

IT act 2000, India

If you are looking for a secure solution than look for system complying to Information Technology Act 2000, India. IT Act 2000, India mandates the use of Digital Certificate (DC) for signing electronic data and even using it for encryption purpose over & above making many other valuable suggestions. Auction Tiger complies with IT Act 2000 in totality & has been certified my many cert-in empanelled auditors for the same. Know more.

STQC, India certified

If you are a Government owned entity, than you can only use those auction engine that is certified by STQC (Standardization, Testing and Quality Certification-Ministry of Information & Communications Technology; India). AuctionTiger is certified by STQC India. The highest value of auction we have enabled on AuctionTiger is US$ 2.5 Billion (Mobile Spectrum Sale). Know more.

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