Custom made for you

You'll get a dedicated sub domain with your company logo to float your auctions such that bidders feel confident when they bid in your auctions. Moreover entire auction engine will be customized as per your current auction process, with integrated bid templates & supplies such that you can get a jump start to start eAuction. To know more, request here.

1 or 2 Steps auction

You'll find our integrated RFQ module with auction engine very helpful. You can use RFP module to pre qualify bidders for the auctions. Or you can use RFQ module to discover auction start price. AuctionTiger will also allows you to float eAuction directly bypassing RFP/RFQ round. To force bidder bid to quote realistic price, bidder who quotes the lowest price in RFQ can be debarred. Learn more.

Auction multiple lots at a go

Yes, you can auction multiple lots at a time. You'll be surprised to know that in one event we have auctioned 900+ lots simultaneously with more than 250+ bidder competing against each other. Moreover as per your evaluation criteria you can generate H1 report for each Lot, group of Lots or entire auction such that revenue is maximized. You can even map bidders by each lot, such that they can bid only in mapped lots. Know more.

Parallel & staggered auctions

If you have different products/services to be auctioned than you can set up a parallel or a staggered auction. In parallel auction, all auctions have same start date & time and run parallel to each other. But in case of staggered auction, next auction will automatically start once the pervious auctions come to an end. Know more as which method to use from our experts.

Flexi bidding templates

For each auction you may want a different price bidding template where bidders bid for unit rate, bidders bids lump sum amount, bidders provide tax breakup, etc. Don't worry; you can bank on our flexible form manager to create one on the fly. Or you can borrow ready template from our Template library for free. Or you can directly upload your worksheet/MS excel worksheet to create new template. Know more.

Easy auction setup

You can easily set up an auction by either reviving/cloning old auction or creating new one. Most of our users don't need more than 5 minutes to set up a new auction from scratch, it's that easy. The auction creation form come with auto filled with default choices that will make your auction creation activity very simple. Moreover when you revive/clone auction you can also copy old forms & suppliers to speed up the auction setup. Know more.

Dynamic rule builders

Not always you'll want to award auction to H1 bidder. Hence AuctionTiger allows you to build evaluation rules on the fly. You can configure if you want H1 report to be generated for each lot, group of lots or entire auction. You can also define weightage you wish to give to select bidders on basis of their qualification criteria like work experience, turnover, technology, etc. You can also define preference to be given to you regular buyer or to buyer with select skills. In short you can generate H1 report as you like it. Know more.

Auto bid and more

If you are a Bidder, you'll love this feature. You can choose to bid manually or you can ask system to bid on your behalf. All you need to do is define your maximum bid limit and system will keep bidding on your behalf as per increment rule. Don't worry your max bid will not be disclosed to seller. Moreover you can switch from auto bid to manual bidding any time during the auction when auction becomes too active. Know more.

Sums it up

AuctionTiger is intelligent & is not prone to human errors. As a bidder, you just have to bid for unit rate & system totals it up. And in case of multiple items, system will sum up the grand total of all items. System also converts figures into words such that you don't goof up on zeros when quoting in millions. Plus if you bid above certain %, system will alert you. In auction where bidding is allowed in multiple currencies, systems converts all figures into one base currency of buyer choice. Know more.

Choice of currencies

In case of global auction, you can set up an auction & allow bidder to bid in currencies of their choice for sake of their convenience. System will convert all bids into single currency in real time & show you the auction result in base currency of your choice. Currency conversion rate can be taken from your country's nodal bank. At a time you can map 7 different currencies, but there is no limit as such. Know more.

Auction control console

This console allows you to manage your entire auction centrally. Over & above auction results it has feature which allows you to pause/restart bidding in a live auction. It also lets you block a miscreant bidder who quotes very high bid with intention to scrap auction. In such situation you can even undo bidders last bid from there to save auction. Moreover you can submit a proxy bid on behalf of a bidder if system fails at his end. You can also extend or reschedule auction. You can post message on dashboard of bidders during live auction, etc. Know more.

MIS central

You can get all your auction reports here including but not limited to current bid & who's winner, bid history of a specify bidder or all bidders. You can also see IP address of bidders and ensure that there is no cartel i.e. bidder bidding from same location. You can also see login report of bidders to ensure that all bidders are online during the auction. You can also get complete audit trail of the auction & share with other to prove that auction was done in a very transparent manner. You can also share select report with Bidders. Know more.

Make top bidders compete

You can use this unique feature of AuctionTiger to forces bidders to remain active throughout the auction & bid aggressively. This is generally used to prohibit the lowest rank bidders from participating in extension round & thus avoid bid snipping. You can define during auction creation as how many top bidders will be competing in extension phase. Know more.

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