Land sold for twice the price

You can earn 100% more than start price when you auction on AuctionTiger. Take case of National Textile Corporation (India) which got whooping 103% more, when their auctioned their land bank on AuctionTiger. The auction lasted for 72 hours & generated billions of rupees for NTC. AuctionTiger was selected as it guaranteed 100% security, confidentiality & transparency. Know more.

Sell anything, including FSI

You can use AuctionTiger to sell even buildings Floor Space Index (FSI). National Textile Corporation of India (NTC) had huge spare FSI which on one bidder could buy singlehandedly. AuctionTiger designed auction such that bidders had to quote for FSI quantity + price they were willing to pay. System allocated FSI in such a way that maximum FSI & revenue was generated. Know more.

Fixed deposit earns 25 Mn more

If you have it, we can auction it. Take case of Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation (KSPHC) which had huge amount of fixed deposit to be kept in bank. Instead of negotiating manually, it did a smart thing, decided to auction it. Top banks were invited to compete to get the large chunk of fixed deposit. By end of auction KSPHC got 8.3% more interest than start price. Know more.

Tendu leaves sale earns 75% more

Tendu Leaves are used to wrap local cigarette in India. Local forest department had 900+ Lots to be auctioned were 200 bidders were in race & each bidder was interested in only select lots. Moreover auction engine had to ensure that bidder didn't exceed his purchase & bidding capacity too. AuctionTiger supported all these features & hence local forest department adopted it. At the end all 900 lots were sold & 75%+ revenue was generated. Know more.

Hammering sand mafia & profits

As you are aware sand banks are controlled by mafia in India. The only way to break the cartel was to sell it online, where bidder can bid without fear. We have so far sold 600 lots or mining right for 6 cities & towns corporations successfully & have helped local authorities in breaking the cartel via a transparent process. Even Security deposit money from bidders were received online. Know more.

Taking off airport unclaimed cargo

Do you want to auction 1000's of things at a go, then bank on us. For Delhi International Airport (DIAL), we have done serial auctions to sell confiscated cargo. Once the 1st auction is over, the second one starts automatically. 150 auctions were successfully completed in 16 hours (2 working days). Single auction lasted for 5 minutes, with 3 extensions of 1 minute each. Know more.

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