Hashing of login password

You don't have to worry about security of your Login ID/Password, as it gets first hashed & is than stored in the database, unlike other website where it is saved in readable format. From hashed password (message digest), one can't decipher the original password thus making it foolproof. SHA256 algorithm is used to hash your password, which is the global standard & also recommended in IT Act 2000 of India. Know more.

256 Bit SSL secured website

You are assured of 100% full proof security as auctions are enabled on 256 bit SSL secured website. This ensures that all data transaction between server & client computers are always in encrypted manner. A hacker can never snoop at your data in transit, thus guaranteeing you utmost confidentiality & security. This is also a mandatory requirement if you represent a government organization. Know more.

Digital certificate based login

If you are looking for enhanced level of security then you can opt for our dual authentication feature. Apart from user ID & password authentication, system also verifies if user is holding a valid digital certificate (DC) at time of Login. As DC is stored in client machine, know it becomes an impossible task. This feature is mandatory for Government organization, but even private entities can adopt it as it cost practically nothing. Know more.

Digitally signed bids

What if after the auction is over, the buyer refuse to buy quoting an excuse that he didn't submit the bid in the first place? If bids are digitally signed, he can never refute that he didn't submit the bid. It is mandatory under law for all directors of partnership, private & public limited companies to have digital certificate. The same certificate can be used for signing the bids. This will make all transactions legally valid & security of the system will enhance too. Know more.

Data encryption using digital certificate

As you are aware, auction methods like Japanese, SMRA, CCA, etc. comprise of multiple rounds where bidder have to submit a sealed bid in each round. If you opt for data encryption, then bids will be stored in the database during interim period in encrypted fashion using your digital certificate public key such that only you can decipher it. We highly recommend you that you go in for auction software where bids are digitally signed & encrypted. Know more.

Audit trail for investigation

To ensure you get added level of transparency, AuctionTiger provides you complete audit trail of event. You'll also get access to all the logs, such that event can be recreated & it can be established that no manipulation was done during the auction. 3rd party audit support is also provided for independent investigation. We track user's IP, data & time of access & activities like read, add, edit, delete, etc. to give auditors insight to as what all happened. Know more.

Dual encryption for convenience

If you opt for digital certificate (DC) based encryption, than the data can only be deciphered with your DC private key. If for some reason you are not available on the auction day, than the entire auction will come to a halt. But if you can opt for multi DC encryption where bid are encrypted by common key generated using 2 or more DC, than authorized users can open the bid, provided their DC was used in generating that common key. Know more.

IP Tracking / IP based access

You can always stay a step ahead of the cartel. If few bidders try to form a cartel with intention to outsmart the system & try to submit a bid from one location, then you can easily catch them as AuctionTiger tracks IP of each & every bidder. IP based restrictive access can also be provided in case of high profile auctions for added security i.e. only select user can access the system. All auctions exceeding US$ 50 Mn have this feature. Know more.

Rights, roles & time based access

You can control the roles & rights of each & every user in your organization using this feature. Roles & Rights can be split module by module i.e. auction creation, monitoring, reports, payments, etc. such that all key person in your organization can be involved in Auction Process. Moreover workflow to process the file/information can be also mapped to the system such that it mimics your organization hierarchy. Know more.

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