NPA auctioneers

If you represent a bank which has Non Performance Assets (NPA) on its books than you can easily liquidate it with our NAP auction services. India's top 50 Banks & all Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) are using AuctionTiger to liquidate their NPA's. You'll find AuctionTiger as #1 NPA auctioneer in terms of NPA value, transaction, Buyers database, etc. Know more.

Scrap auctioneers

If your organization generates any type of scrap, then you can count on us to get it disposed. We assure you of maximum value realization. The USP of AuctionTiger is that it will connect you with direct scrap consumer rather than traders. We have on board more than 5000+ scrap buyers & traders from around the world to make every scrap auction a great success. Know more.

Vehicle auctioneers

If you want to auction your old vehicles then trust AuctionTiger for disposal. Large automobile finance companies use AuctionTiger to sell thousands of seized/confiscated/2nd hand vehicles using our platform annually. We have hundreds of 2nd hand automobile dealers who'll love to win your vehicles by bidding aggressively on AuctionTiger. You can also allow individual buyers to compete with dealers to unlock the maximum value. Know more.

Machinery auctioneers

If you want to auction used/unused machineries, than AuctionTiger will connect you with SME who'll actually want to use it. This way you will end up making more money & saving the environment. Depending on your requirement, our market makers will help you connect with SME buyers directly for buying your old/unused machineries & equipments. Know more.

Spectrum auctioneers

You'll find AuctionTiger extremely useful if you wish to sell scarce resource like radio spectrum for mobile communications, airport landing rights, ports berthing right, mining lease, etc. using our advance SMRA/CCA auction variants. Our proven auction tool backed with state of the art integrated security features ideal to conduct auctions worth billions of dollars each. Know more.

Land/Property auctioneers

If you have land banks or prime properties, than you can depend on AuctionTiger to help sell it at maximum price. We have successfully sold land bank worth Billions of dollars of our clients without any glitches, in a secure & transparent manner. Single screen, easy to use application ensure that even a novice can participate in an auction without any formal training. Know more.

Gold-Jewellery Auctions

Like Old is Gold, Gold can never be Old especially in a country like India where Gold Jewellery is considered a long term Asset & is preserved carefully. Now, when it comes to Auctioning precious assets clients prefer India’s leading Jewel Auction portal which is managed and designed so perfectly to cater every type of gold buyer. We carry immense experience of auctioning 5 Lakh+ Gold Jewellery/pledged packets per annum making us the pioneer from Year 2014. Expert in selling variants of Gold jewellery starting from 18C to 24C with BIS hall marking we also serve Gold Buyers, Bullions Traders and Jewellery showrooms to Bid & Win Gold Know more.

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