Buyers' benefits

As the economic uncertainties deepen, to maintain your organization overall competitiveness, you'll need suppliers who are as agile & competitive as you are. Having just 1 or 2 suppliers/category is not enough except in case of OEM's. With SupplierTiger, you can easily identify & enlist multiple suppliers on a click of a mouse. You can enlist many suppliers/category without having to search/call/email suppliers, simple isn't it? Know more.

Suppliers' benefits

The more Buyers you enlist with, the better are your chances of getting business leads & converting them into profits for you company. In past you might have missed many enlistment opportunities but not anymore with SupplierTiger. You can use SupplierTiger to identify both online & offline enlistment opportunities in your category. Know more.

Enlistment case studies

You'll profit from our experience as we have worked with hundreds of government & private sector customers including fortune 500 companies & helped them manage their Suppliers. You'll find SupplierTiger very accommodating as you can customize the solution as per your requirement without compromising on security and maintaining the ease for suppliers. You can adopt enlistment process of global conglomerates or just go with your proven in-house process. Know more.

Key features.

You'll love SupplierTiger as it has all the features you may need to automate your Supplier enlistment process. It's proven, easy, fast & scalable solution compared to a manual process. What's more it is available on SAAS model such that you can easily adopt it in your organization. But if you find something missing, don't worry just share with us and we'll incorporate it for free. Listed below are some of the key features of SupplierTiger, know more.

Market place

FYI, we track & enable more than 2 Million business opportunities from across the world on our market places for Tenders, Procurement, Auction, Projects, etc. SupplierTiger has an exhaustive global database of Suppliers for everything under the Sun. So if you wish to increase the number of suppliers in your organization, you need not look any further. Know more as how our market places can help you.

Integrated procurement tool

With SupplierTiger you'll end up having more suppliers enlisted with you for each & every product/service category. This can increase your procurement cycle as you'll have to get quotes, compare & negotiate with multiple suppliers. Chill, with SupplierTiger offers you get an integrated eProcurement solution which will cut down your procurement time by 60%. On a click you can get quotes, compare & negotiate with Suppliers. Know more.


You can adopt SupplierTiger as your terms as it offers flexible business model to choose from. We even have one model which does not require any purchase approvals i.e. suppliers pays a nominal fee to enlist with your organization. Many government agencies have adopted this model & even supplier don't mind paying nominal fee as it is works out to be more economical than sending courier/printouts to you. Know more.

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