More suppliers, more savings

Once you adopt SupplierTiger, you will have more suppliers enlisted with you for each product/service category. Hence when you initiate procurement, you'll be guaranteed of most competitive bids, thus reducing your spend budget. You should use our integrated eprocurement tools to make suppliers compete in real time to drive savings home. Know more.

Updated supplier profile

You enroll suppliers on basis of their pre qualification criteria but once enrolled, accept it you don't update supplier profile. With time it becomes outdated & you continue procuring on basis of trust. No more, as with SupplierTiger you'll always have access to latest updated profile of suppliers. So when you procure next, only qualified suppliers participate & win contracts, ensuring long term business continuity. Know more.

Exclusive suppliers

Your suppliers are crucial to your business success & hence security of your supplier data is of utmost importance. With SupplierTiger you get 100% secrecy guaranteed as it is an ISO 27001 certified company, which basically ensures that your information stays confidential all the time even when it is with us. Moreover there will be a non disclosure agreement between your firm & SupplierTiger built around your custom confidentiality needs. Know more.

Existing + new suppliers

You can use SupplierTiger to maintain profile of both new & existing Suppliers. This will ensure that you'll have latest data of all suppliers that is searchable & comparable. Custom fields for your existing suppliers e.g. supplier id, ratings, etc. can be captured over & above generic fields. As SupplierTiger is flexible, you can even opt for different enlistment form for existing & new suppliers. Know more.

7+ Suppliers/category

If yours is an ISO certified company then you should ideally get minimum of 3 quotes whenever you procure any product/services in your organization. To do that, you'll need a minimum of 5 to 7 Suppliers/category to be enlisted with your organization. With SupplierTiger you can easily build exhaustive database of suppliers who meet your pre qualification criteria such when you procure, you get minimum 3 competitive quotes. Know more.

Effortless enlistment process

All these years you have been banking on yellow pages/internet/reference to find new Suppliers. Not anymore. With SupplierTiger you can invite hundreds of Suppliers to enlist with you firm. You can enroll those who meet your pre qualification conditions & reject others. Post enlistment you can search, view, compared, print, download, share, supplier profile. You can even push your suppliers' data into your ERP. Easy, isn't. Know More.

Integrated procurement tool

With SupplierTiger you'll end up having more suppliers enlisted with you for each & every product/service category. This can increase your procurement cycle as you'll have to get quotes, compare & negotiate with multiple suppliers. Chill, with SupplierTiger offers you get an integrated eProcurement solution which will cut down your procurement time by 60%. On a click you can get quotes, compare & negotiate with Suppliers. Know more.

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