Custom enlistment forms

Even if your existing vendor enlistment process is complex, you can still use SupplierTiger as it supports simple as well as detailed vendor enlistment processes. You can have same or different enlistment forms for different product/service categories. You can even have different enlistment form for new & existing suppliers. SupplierTiger dynamic workflow will support user from different departments like Purchase, Accounts, Quality, Store, etc. to work seamlessly. Know more.

Exclusive enlistment

You can do supplier enlistment on your own website or on a dedicated sub domain. Either way, you'll get suppliers total attention. Only your supplier enlistment opportunities will be visible on your supplier enlistment webpage. What's more even the suppliers' data can be exclusively accessed by you giving you total control. Both your existing suppliers & our suppliers can submit their request on your enlistment website with no cap on number of enlistment, unless specified by you. Know more.

Integrated software

You'll love SupplierTiger as it can be easily integrated with existing ERP, SRM, CMS, financial & accounting software. Your IT managers will love SupplierTiger as you can easily integrate it with your existing legacy software. You can also exchange data using XML, Worksheet, CSV, etc. such that there is no dependency on any proprietary tool. You can even download all your supplier data in CD or PDF formats & as such data backup will be available online for business continuity. Know more.

On demand solution

All it takes is an email from your side to kick start supplier enlistment in your organization. Our solution is so flexible that you can use it to enlist all types of Suppliers, like 100's of other large buyers. As such you will not need any customization but if you do, the same will be carried out for free. You can choose from myriad of business models we work on i.e. software license sale, annual managed services, pay/supplier, pay/buyer, etc. designed to make supplier enlistment easy. Know more.

Verified suppliers

If you want, we can do primary verification of suppliers' credential such that you can save a lot of your precious time when enlisting new Suppliers. Alternatively you can make submission of digitally signed data mandatory such that 3rd party verification is done and data becomes legally admissible court of law. Since Digital Certificate is mandatory for owners of proprietorship, partnership, private limited & limited companies in India, it will not add an extra burden for suppliers. Know more.

Secure Data

Your suppliers are crucial to your business success & hence security of your supplier data is of utmost importance. With SupplierTiger you get 100% secrecy guaranteed as it is an ISO 27001 certified company, which basically ensures that your information stays confidential all the time even when it is with us. Moreover there will be a non disclosure agreement between your firm & SupplierTiger built around your custom confidentiality needs. Know more.

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