Find new buyers

You'll be glad to know that SupplierTiger works with big buyers from Government & Private sectors having procurement budget in excess of Rs.100 Cr/20 Mn USD per year. These big companies prefer to do business with only pre qualified & enlisted suppliers. To find all such big buyers who wish to enlist new supplier & current ongoing enlistment cum procurement opportunities, log on to Know more.

Easy enlistment

Now getting enlisted with buyers of your choices is just a matter of just few clicks. Select the buyers you wish to enlist > fill the enlistment form > upload supporting document and you are done. You need not worry as all the information will remain confidential and can be exclusive accessed by Buyer you wish to enlist with. Moreover you don't have to print hard copies & courier it. To get enlisted, just log on to Know more.

Global update

On Supplier Tiger you can enlist with 100's of Buyers. But that does not mean every time your company profile changes, you need to individually update each & every buyer like in past. Now, you need to just notify SupplierTiger & it will in turn update your supplier profile available with each & every buyer, even the ones in their ERP/SRM. You can also take liberty to invite buyers who are not using SupplierTiger such that on single click you can flash Global update. Know more.

Exclusive opportunities

SupplierTiger is part of Procurement Tiger which tracks more than 2 Million Tender/RFP every year. It also enables 100,000 eRFP, Reverse Auction, eTenders every year. These are exclusive opportunities available only on SupplierTiger. For all eProcurement opportunities we have mandate from our Buyers to find new suppliers who meet the pre qualification criteria. If you qualify, you can participate in all of them & stand a chance to win contracts. Know more.

Enlistment opportunities

On SupplierTiger you can track offline enlistment opportunities from around the world. If you find an opportunity of your choice, you'll have to submit your profile as per the requirement in hard copies to enlist. You can use SupplierTiger to directly print out your profile & submit it to them along with your supplier profile link. If required, we can work with you to convince the buyer to use SupplierTiger, which will in turn make your enlistment process transparent, easier & faster. Know more.

Economical process

SupplierTiger is a very cost effective solution when compared manual process as no efforts are required for compiling, printing, filing, etc. associated with enlistment process. All you need to do is update your profile once & you are done. When you try to enlist with a buyer, SupplierTiger intelligently fills up the buyer enlistment form such that you can submit your profile thus saving you precious time, efforts, stationery & money. Know more.

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