Dependable procurement solution

You can depend on ProcureTiger to manage your entire spend management life cycle i.e. budgeting, purchase requisition, procurement, contract management, delivery, QC, inventory, payments, supplier management, etc. ProcureTiger is a proven & tested product and so far more than 100,000 transactions worth US$ 25 Billion has been successfully enabled. What's more, you can integrate ProcureTiger procurement & material management suite with your existing ERP too. Know more.

Custom made for you

ProcureTiger is easily adoptable because of its simplicity & user-friendly customizations. That's because it has been used to procure everything under the Sun. So when you procure something, you'll not find it difficult to procure in terms of process. What's more ProcureTiger is highly configurable, so you can customize it on the fly to suit your organisation needs. You'll love ProcureTiger as it is designed to mimic your existing practices such that adoption rate is higher & training needs are minimal. Know more.

Security features

You can blindly trust ProcureTiger when you want to auction even a billion US$ worth of Auction. You'll find its security features at par with ones incorporated in defense establishment globally. The security features we offer you as default option are impregnable & time test. However we also allow you scaled down version of security which can be used to auction low ticker items. Know more.

Legal compliance

You'll find ProcureTiger very secure as it complies with all international guidelines in terms of quality, security & legality. This will ensure that all auctions transactions are auditable & legally valid in the court of law. You can explore the following international guidelines. Know more.

Quality & credentials

You'll get assured quality product & service as ProcureTiger is an ISO 9001 & 27001 certified company. Moreover it has won Best Auction Software award for enabling "Radio Spectrum Auction for Government of India. Moreover it has been certified by STQC to meet all the legal & security guidelines issued by various agencies. Know more.

On demand solution/Biz models

You need not worry about returns on investment when you adopt ProcureTiger, as it guarantees 100% ROI. If you are still skeptical, don't worry you can choose from plethora of business models we operate on, some of which are listed below. Alternatively you can suggest us how you'll like to adopt it, and we'll twist business model around it. Some of our buyers pay us on per document sold, suppliers pays instead of buyers, etc. Know more.

Satisfied Customers

ProcureTiger is actively used by industry leaders. These include many Fortune 500 companies. Customer from more than 50+ Industries bank on our procurement solution to source 10,000+ unique Products & Services. If you need, feel free to request for our client certificates & referrals. To know the list of our happy customers, click here.

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