Dedicated domain

When you choose ProcureTiger, you get a dedicated portal with similar look and feel like your corporate portal for managing your eProcurement so that your internal users & external supplier can do business with confidence.Even the site look & feel can be customized in line with your corporate identity, such that your procurement portal looks like extension of your corporate website. Know more.

Custom work flow

Your organization will be having its own unique way of doing things. At ProcureTiger we understand these nuances. So when you roll out eProcurement in your organization, you'll get a custom procurement solution that'll mimic your current process in totality. This will result in higher adoption rate & faster ROI. This will be no change in current process except automation, higher efficiency, economy of scale & greater transparent. Know more.

Standard procurement documents

Over period of time you would have standardized your procurement documents to save duplication, time & efforts. ProcureTiger allows to easily build your own standard procurement document (SPD) library. Different users can use these documents on a click & procure conveniently. SPD can comprise of documents, drawings, spread sheets, audio/video files, forms, etc. If required you can borrow SPD from our public library for thousands of product & service categories. Know more.

User role & rights

This module allows you to define roles & rights of different users across your organisations who are involved in material management & procurement activities. It also allows you to manage dual roles, temporary charges & transfer of employees. It allows you to define roles & rights at granular level i.e. view, share, add, delete, review, edit, etc. such that security & confidentiality of your data is always maintained in your organization.Know more.

Exclusive suppliers

Your eprocurement initiative would be more successful if your suppliers get into partnership with you. You can bank ProcureTiger intuitive & easy interface. You or your supplier would not need any formal training for transecting the business on our applications. However if you need, we can train them. Moreover you can bring on board all you existing suppliers at one go. Register & empanel new one. And you can even user our market places to fine new ones. Know more.

Custom reports

You'll need 100's of MIS reports to get insight into what you are buying, from whom, at what rate, when, etc. You'll get all you need on the fly using our dynamic report generator. And yes if you need customer reports the same will be also provided to you. Moreover you can share reports in spreadsheet, csv, document, pdf or print formats for further analysis. You'll also get complete audit trail of entire life cycle of each & every procurement events. Know more.

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