Pay per procurement event

If you are new to eProcurement then this is the ideal model to start eProcurement in your organizations. You can use ProcureTiger to enable just one RFQ/eTender/RA or eAuction and that too you have to pay later at end of the events. Once the event is successfully you can consider other more economical options. And yes, if you decide to discontinue after one event, no questions will be asked too. To get started contact us. Know more.

Bidder pays

If you are from government sector & wish to adopt eProcurement on PPP model, than this is the model to go for. You do not have to pay anything for adopting eProcurement. We will share with you our software along with datacenter & call center support such that you & your suppliers can adopt it easily. The participating bidder will have to pay small fees. This can be in form of small annual registration fee that we can mutually decide. Or bid submission fee, every time they submit. Or the bidder who wins pays a nominal fee. Know more.

Annual fee

Once you have successfully completed few eProcurement in your organization on pay/transactions basis and wish to regularizes it, you can switch over to fixed annual fee model. Under this model you get freedom to procure unlimited items using our procurement suite. There is no restriction on number of buyers, suppliers, transactions, procurement value, etc. Ideal for organizations who have issues 500+ PO/annum. Know more.

Software license

If you want to roll out eProcurement across your organizations i.e. multiple purchase office & projects than this is an ideal model for you provided you have more than 5000+ PO to be processed every year. You can use the software as long as you like without having to pay any recurring fees. You can host it in your datacenter or on our procurement cloud. This works out to be the most economical business model in long term basis. Know more.

Success based model

If you are skeptical about the benefits eProcurement offers than this is the model you should opt for. You only need to commit the procurement value & we will use our market place to help you find supplier who can quote competitively. You pay only if you achieve savings. If not, you still get to procure at the most competitive rates for free. You can use this model to procure goods, works or services.Know more.

100% ROI guaranteed

Irrespective of which model you choose from, you will be guaranteed 100% return on investment. That's because you'll definitely save on time, effort and money. So far, 100% of customers have recovered 100% of their investment in few first transactions or months. Just in case if eProcurement fails to deliver on the benefits you expect than you need not pay our service fee. Know more.

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