10,000+ Newspapers

We scan 10K+ newspaper from across the world to ensure maximum coverage. These include newspaper hard copies as well electronic version. A copy of newspaper clipping along with date is also retained such that you can quote source when applying for tender. In case of foreign languages, partial English translation is also available wherever feasible. Join now.

15000+ Government websites

You will never miss a tender published on tendering authorities website, as we track them too. We track 15,000+ websites of tendering authorities on regular basis for Tender updates. Thanks to millions of users like you, Tender Tiger is now the official tender portal of the World since it delivers fast, effective & economical hosting solution. Know more.

Access private tenders

With one subscription you can double your opportunities bucket. You not only get more tenders, you get equal number of private leads floated by our Million+ registered users. Private Opportunities are in form of Joint Venture, Consortium, Sub contracting or request for quotes. Many of these private leads are exclusive to our network. To access them, join now.

Intelligent data crawlers

If you are wondering how we scan thousands of website daily, here's the secret. We deploy state of the art data crawlers/spiders which visit these websites & download tenders automatically. This nullifies the omission because of humans error. Each tender is then manually verified before it is shared with you. To know how many live tenders of your choice are available, join now.

Smart classification

If tender are not classified properly, you'll miss them easily since we track millions of them. To avoid such situation, we use international classification system i.e. UNSPSC & CPV standards. It's a multi tier system that allows you to zoom in to view opportunities to supply screws & nuts. Or zoom out to see implementation of turnkey projects. Try searching now, to see the difference.

Get only relevant tenders

Your time is precious. Why spend it on scanning tenders, when you can spend it on winning tenders? You to customize your search filters by various parameters like keywords, location, geography, value, time, authority's industry e.g. all municipal corporations, Tender for buying, selling, lease, etc. Try now, register today.

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